INDI CORPS is an amalgamation of numerous open source Web3 projects efficiently compounded into one peer to peer decentralized network , which is built, maintained, and used by contributors from various backgrounds, working together to create a global network owned and operated fully by the people and immune from centralized control, bias, or censorship, and free from outrageous network "fees".

Our FREE software Unites various Web3 platforms into one simple package that even a child could deploy, thereby expediting mass adoption of Web3 technologies.

Our intent is to hasten the decline of central banking and authoritarian government around the world, and place ALL the power back into the hands of the People! Won't you Join us?

Our Solutions

The following is a brief of the main sections of our software package, please watch the videos for the details.


The "INDI Global Super Server" is formed by the sum total of all INDI CORPS users who buy and sell their spare computer resources to create and support network content and activities.


The Social Razor is one universal personal profile hosted on your own machine. No more need to make a new profile for every site, spreading your personal data to countless strangers.


Host your own ecommerce site, become your own bank... no more middlemen in your finances and commerce! Annonymously, buy, sell, lend, and swap in INDI CORPS' private credit pool.


An organic independent search engine with no bias algorithims, only the parameters YOU give it. Highly customizeable and able to search multiple networks, such as TOR.

Paid Devs!

Far too many multi-billion dollar projects allow developers to contribute for free with little to no compensation. INDI CORPS has a Dev Auction that pays winning bidders in INDI.


INDI CORPS is censor proof, modified Distributed Hash Table (DHT), with varying levels of anonymity for the user, incorporated into a "web of trust" system, configured by the user.

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"INDI WISP" Stands for "Independent Wireless Internet Service Provider". While many WEB3 projects focus on decentralizing the internet, INDI CORPS is working to decentralize the very INFRASTRUCTURE Itself.

Educating and simplifying the installation of independent community owned WIFI networks for the non-tech masses will vastly impede centralized authoritarian control.