The INDI Token

Thank you for your interest in our token.

Unfortunately the crypto space is overwhelmed with ScamCoins which make small projects like INDI CORPS look suspect. Please read all below before considering purchasing INDI tokens.

1. Please watch this video to learn just how easy it is to make a ScamCoin:
Don't Get Scammed

2. Understand that INDI CORPS is NOT a company, organization, or foundation of any sort. It is simply a project built and maintained by whoever wishes to contribute to it, including YOU.

3. In light of the above, it is best to understand that you are not "investing" by purchasing INDI tokens, you are contributing and/or supporting. More like wikipedia donations, or a public broadcasting station funded by listeners, but listeners who can broadcast as well.

4. See the following video to understand just how the INDI token will be used in the INDI CORPS network:
Watch Video

5. The current token is an ethereum erc20 token. Why? Because the ethereum network offers the largest audience exposure at the moment.

6. INDI is not on any Centralized Exchanges yet because it is expensive to get listed and its better to put that money towards growing the project.

7. INDI is not on Uniswap because of the high trading fees which be would better going to the project.

8. The token is NOT YET available for purchase on MATIC Network's "Quickswap" for USDT: Goto QuickSwap
*Token is currently available through KMDs Atomic Dex only.
Download it here: AtomicDEX and Contact ADMIN if you have difficultites.

9. For those who wish to provide liquidity with their purchased INDI, Liquidity providers earn a 0.25% fee on all trades proportional to their share of the pool.

You Can Add Liquidity Here: Liquidity Pool

9b. You will need to download and set-up the Metamask browser extention, and manually "add token" with this INDI(ERC20) contract id:

10. Once on QuickSwap you will need to click "Bridge Assets" to make a Matic Network Wallet, then manually "add token" with this INDI(Matic) contract id:

11. Send over some Tether(USDT) from your Ethereum Network Wallet to your Matic Network Wallet...

12. And Now you are ready to click "Add Liquidity"

Thanks again for your interest and support!


As the various parts of the Main Package reach Beta, they will be listed here for public testing.

Null DEX

A truly Decentralized P2P Exchange, orderbook style, with built in VPN and 100% Anonymous. Experience what crypto is supposed to be!


A preconfigured interface linking multiple independent networks, such as TOR, I2P, Freenet and more.


Host your own ecommerce site, become your own bank... no more middlemen in your finances and commerce! Annonymously, buy, sell, lend, and swap in INDI CORPS' private credit pool.


An organic independent search engine with no bias algorithims, only the parameters YOU give it. Highly customizeable and able to search multiple networks, such as TOR.


The "INDI Global Super Server" is formed by the sum total of all INDI CORPS users who buy and sell their spare computer resources to create and support network content and activities.


The Social Razor is one universal personal profile hosted on your own machine. No more need to make a new profile for every site, spreading your personal data to countless strangers.

More on the Way!